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The Circular Hackfest is a large hackathon from November 10th-15th 2023.

It is hosted by UnternehmerTUM and robo.innovate, takes place at the Munich Urban Colab and is organised by MakerSpace, TUM Venture Labs, Business Creators, Circular Republic and Familien UnternehmerTUM. It is an event in close collaboration with the Circular Republic Festival.

There will be many different challenges with up to 150 participants overall.

The Circular Hackfest is about current important topics and questions of the circular economy. How can waste be avoided in manufacturing, how can products be disassembled so that they can be recycled or reprocessed? These are the fundamental questions of Hackfest. In addition, there will be challenges that address pressing issues of our time.

If you’re interested in promoting sustainability on an industrial scale, using technology to benefit humanity, and getting started with prototyping without PowerPoint, you’ve come to the right place!

No. The Hackathon is free of charge.

Learn new skills, meet new people, build your network, add it to your resume, do something meaningful, have fun!

Winning prizes will be announced at the kickoff event on October 4.

Each participating company or organization that has defined a challenge will also provide mentors and experts to assist you.

During the Hackfest week, MakerSpace staff will be there to help you build your prototypes.

When registering, you can state your preferences among the presented challenges. After aggregating all applications, we will assign every team and individual applicants as close as possible to their highest preferences while also trying to balance applicants per challenge and to address every challenge. For that reason, we cannot guarantee everyone to get their highest preference.

Yes, of course! There are many tasks in an interdisciplinary hack team.

Yes, of course! We look forward to all motivated tinkerers, hackers, designers, business people and makers!

Yes. In our application form you can indicate that you are registering as a team.

Take classes at the Makerspace to learn how to use the workshops and machines.

Meet with your team as early as possible to get a good idea of what you want to make.

The MakerSpace at Munich Urban Colab offers all teams the unique opportunity to build a professional prototype. This way you can test the usability of your ideas and prototypes and develop them further.

There are six workshop areas: Wood, Laser Cutter, 3D Printing (SLM, SLA), Textile, Electronics and Metal (in Garching).

For these areas and machines, corresponding courses are offered and must be attended, in which the handling and safety rules are explained.

For the kick-off event on October 4 and for Hackweek from November 10 to 16 you have to be on site. Teams will work together on their ideas starting October 4. There will be on-site matchmaking. After that, you can work remotely with your team during the idea and concept development phase. During the last week from November 10-16, you will be working on the implementation of the ideas and concepts the Munich Urban Colab, and everyone will be busy realizing their prototypes and cool ideas!

Yes, we got you covered!

If you have food allergies please let us know in advance so we can plan ahead.

There is no upper age limit, you just need to be over 18 years old.

Most of the ideas are relevant to the partners, and you also have the opportunity to create a startup.